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2017 Anzac Day March, Toowoomba

Recently, I was contacted by Lindsay "Doc" Morrison (6 RAR field medic) who invited us to the 2017 Anzac Day March in Toowoomba. The Toowoomba ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee will honour the medical &  allied services personnel and want us to the lead the Anzac Day parade. The program will run something like this:

0415 hrs cup rum laced coffee and a 700 m march to the memorial for the Dawn service.

0600 hrs gunfire breakfast at the Soldiers Memorial Hall.

1000 hrs move to starting point of Main Parade.

1030 hrs lead the parade to the memorial about a 2,000 m march. Those who cannot march, transport will be provided by the Military Vehicles Club of Toowoomba. Those who need a lift during the March please contact the Secretary by April 10th, 2017.

After the parade "Doc" will organize an invitation to the Mayor's "Old & Bold" celebrations at the Town Hall. If you are intending to go please let the Secretary know by the beginng of April for catering purposes.

I think this is a great opportunity to visit Toowoomba, particularly our Zone 1 members. Please make an effort. I am!




Excerpts from Australian War Memorial - 1 AFH files

Do you remember AFOF Christmas Parcels 1970?

A list of the contents of the parcels for servicemen is as follows:

1 x Biro

1 x Notepad

1 x Paperback novel

1 x Packet of razorblades

1 x Tin of boot polish

1 x Polishing cloth

1 x Packet of peanuts

1 x Tin Big Sister pudding

1 x Tube toothpaste

1 x Cake of soap

1 x Packet of pretzels

1 x Packet of fruit juice concentrate

1 x Greeting card

1 x Smoothex shaving cream

Information obtained from Australian War Memorial Records from 1 AFH file.

Wooden Dunny Seats - Did you know....


Painting Latrines

1. Wooden latrine seats are subject to warping. Units are to paint latrine pedestals and provide a weight for each cover to prevent access to flies.

2. Any colour but dark red or pink maybe used. Dark red or pink appear to attract flies.


Toilet Paper - USA V AUST

An excerpt from file R990-90-1:

1. Toilet paper from US Army sources has proven to be less substantial than that provided from Australian sources.

2. An increase of 50% to the scale of entitlements is authorised.