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Posted by brian thursby on
hi all there , been a long time, i was there 70-71 ...
Posted by Jeff Gilbert on
I was there then Brian, what was your role?
Posted by Lindsay Horton on
I was there in 1971 at Vung tau as a male nurse.
Posted by Glyn Llanwarne on
I run an organisation called Lost Medals Australia. I have recently been asked to locate Michael James O'Brien so that I can return a meal to him. Michael was posted to 1st Australian Field Hospital in the latter part of 1971.
I was wondering if he was a member of your association or if another member knows him.
Thank you for your assistance.
Glyn Llanwarne OAM
Posted by Jeff Gilbert on
Thanks for your comments George
Posted by George Reischling on

I came upon your name while surfing the net and knew that the above statement would have special meaning for you. I served with 3/22nd, 25th Infantry Division out of Tay Ninh as an infantryman. Fought the NVA on the slopes of Nui Ba Den twice with numerous firefights in and around the area bordering the Cambodian border. Remember your Christmas in Vietnam? Mine was spent on an ambush patrol near the Cambodian border. After 5 months in the field, I was pulled to the 93rd Evac at Long Binh to work with soldiers suffering from combat fatigue. Over the last 10 years, I chronicled my tour of duty and the response has been overwhelming. With your military background, you may find it interesting. There are presently over One Hundred 5 Star Reviews worldwide

I believe that you will relate to this true story of the fight for Nui Ba Den and the struggles and sacrifices that the soldiers who served their country in Vietnam endured. Thousands of Vietnam Veterans have proudly endorsed these memoirs. Please check out the website at with the accompanying introduction. It will make you proud for your service and all the men and women who served our country during the Vietnam war.

I proud that you made it home brother! Thank you for your service and May God Bless!
George Reischling
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